The province of Syracuse is located in the south east of Sicily, bathed by the Ionian Sea, bordered to the south with the province of Ragusa and north with the province of Catania.
The Province of Syracuse is one of the most important history and archaeological sites and which begins in prehistoric times.
Around the twelfth and thirteenth century BC landed the Siculi people with the most advanced technical capabilities and impregnated with the Mediterranean culture. Greek colonization that affected eastern Sicily in the early eighth century can be largely identified with the history of Syracuse real city-kingdom. The Roman period, was characterized by the presence of a territorial organization based on the "network city" on the Ionian coast.
The places to visit are: The capital of Baroque Noto, Syracuse one of the most important greek - roman city of eastern Sicily, Palazzolo Acreide, the natural reserve of Venticari and Cava Grande del Cassibile, the village of Marzameni for its typical fishing village, the beach of San Lorenzo, Carratois and Cala Mosche, The Island off the current extreme southern tip of Sicily.